mardi 4 mars 2014

Furry Fair 2014 with Franklee Anatra and DJ Bcreative

Hello all!!

March 4, we propose you a live performance and a dj set!
12 PM : Franklee Anatra
FrankLee has been playing nightclubs and parties professionally in the Real World for well over a decade. Whether it's a full band or as a single, he feels quite at home standing behind a guitar. Now playing classic rock, originals and contemporary hits with his acoustic guitar in Second Life, Frank invites you come and listen. If you like what you hear and want to know where he's playing next, you're invited to join his group, Dream with FrankLee.

1 PM : DJ Bcreative Wilde
One of the best DJ and one of the oldest avatar :p in SL!!
For a punk set!


In Furry Fair, you can visit two exhibitions : one by Moya Patrick and another byAthora Toxx
Where are them? In two islands... find our little clouds, and clic on it!

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