Furry Fair is a town created by PotPourri Markets, with the sweet collaboration of Athora Toxx (PIX'L)

A place where people can discover the world of furries, and where furries can find some nice stuff to buy, to take and to find.

A world where you can find some shops, brands,... for furries.

A world with a lot of events, like djsets, lives performances, show,...

To have more informations or follow our informations, you have a lot of tool :

By contacting in world : chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan

Our SL Group : PotPourri Markets
Our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/potpourrimarkets
Our Google +  : Goolgle+/PotPourri Markets
Our Twitter : https://twitter.com/PotPourriMarket

By e-mail : Potpourrimarkets@gmail.com

PotPourri Markets blog : http://potpourrimarkets.blogspot.be

Don't miss it!

Soon more informations.

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