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"Why are you Furry?" A summary of a meeting

A summary wrote by Alastair Taurog. Thanks to him.
German version HERE

"Why are you a furry?

I dont write this for those who already know everything about Furries.

They wont find a lot of surprises. I write it for people, who know little and still ask themselves questions (People like me...)

Why is one a Furry? What exactly is a Furry? Where do they come from?

Furries are a lot...and there are as many misunderstandings. A lot of people thought and still think that Furries yiff all day long and that 90% of them are gay. A remainder from very ancient times, when the number was presumably right. I cannot say anything about the other thing. I wasnt there. Lots got their opinion from the notorious CSI-Episode...And some even think, that Furries fuck animals...
But you can find stupidity everywhere.

Some say Anubis was the first Furry, officially and carved in stone. After all, he was even a god. But what about his pals, like, for example, Bastet, Sobek or Hathor? You dont hear that much about them... perhaps because theyre not as elegant or have questionable characteristics and habits? At least it cannot be doubted that he presumingly was the first Anthro.
But I guess that the Furry principle hasnt been thoroughly developed in those days... History reaches from the Stone Age, when you put antlers and horns on to... Yes, to do what? (No one REALLY knows)... over the Dogmen (Kynocephals) from the medievals and Bugs Bunny (Was he a Furry without knowing?) to japanese (of course;)) comic strips and the fursuits of today. Micky Mouse! A Furry?
What about Ferals? Are the dragons part of it? Who call themselves „Scalies“;)
Also a quite new term and concept... Why are most Furries Foxes, Wolves and Cats?
In all possible variations including Were-Forms... Sheep, Goats and Cows are more rare and one can imagine why. Yes, there are some cows and they often stand out in a quite explicite way... Thats too special for me:) I guess there are really Were-Foxes.

Fact is: The avarage Furry doesnt exist. As widespread as the appearances are the reasons why someone becomes a Furry.
Some like the diversity of possibilities to design and express yourself in that way and indeed the diversity is vastly larger than for humans, who can basically just put on wondrous garments or metal in their face. Or run around in transparent underwear, which is also done often and with pleasure...
To express personality. Show something of you, that you cannot show in RL. Become more visible by wearing a mask. You choose an aspect of an animal which you regard as important for you and shape yourself in accordance. This might be a real or imagined aspect as well as the Avi can be real or imagined (As real, as an Athrofurry can be...;)). Not all Foxes are smart, not all Wolves are lonely..not all Bunnies...but thats another story.

No one is forced to stay within a species. Pink Ringtail ? Why not?
Some reflect for a long time before they choose an Avi. Some get hit like by a flash. Some change their appearance depending to mood and situation, some just change their wardrobe (and some dont even wear one...). Some want to try and change themselves, some find their Avi and stay with it, because its what they want to be here and they change it very rarely and with caution.

Some say you can do and risk more things as a furry;) Perhaps, because humans dont take you that serious? Escaping is a reason sometimes. Someone got severely hurt and becomes a Furry not to go through that again. To become unattractive to humans... But: You might become attractive to Furries..
Others are protected by the Furry Avi: Against comparisions and competitions they dont want to be part of, because they regard them as stupid and cannot win them. And against giant women in transparent underwear;)
Some come to find peace and friendship and some really find it. Even if they had to go through a hard time... Keyword: Fucking animals.

The Fursona...also a not unimportant topic. This would fill as much space again. But as we live in the 21st Century: :)

Around i asked...
I didnt even got one answer like „Its funny“ or „The Kittie was so cute“ or „I want to yiff the whole day“. Everyone, really everyone said: „Hum, good question. I have to think about that.“ And everyone had a, his/her reason, which was clear (or one you could think about at least;)).
I can say indeed that I havent yet met a Furry who was aggressive or stupid. Not all of them are happy, some have a strange humour or are VERY individual, but i always got the impression that theres someone, who thinks before talking and even had something to talk about.
On the contrary, Furries are the target of aggressions. They get pursued, insulted and got on their nerves with griefers.
But why?
Behind it are mostly religious lunatics and Furries dont fit into their world. I can only presume, but I guess one reason is the fact that Furries are something completely new, a human creation through and through. Not part of gods plan. Like that. And of course they think that 90% of all Furries are gay. „Furfag!“
(I wonder what they might think about dragons...)
These people spend a huge amount of time, energy and creativity to make other peoples life miserable (that is like in RL), while Furries spend a lot of time, energy and creativity to please themselves and others.
One might ask, whats better...
(Of course you shouldnt ask one of the religious lunatics.)
By the way: I‘ve heared that one day the minister of an SL-Church entered the pulpit and ahead of him sat a dozen Furries. Now the confusion is complete:)

Yes, I know, one word haunts your mind since a while...the Y-word!

As you can read in the Furry Encyclopedia, the word „Yiff“ was derived from the mating sound of Foxes.There was an attempt to add it by petition to the Oxford Dictionary. I dont know if it was a success. Just look it up?

Furries yiff. Thats beyond doubt. Its part of the life of a grown up person or at least should be. Some do it often, some never. The ones need it, the others dont. If one does it or not is part of the individual freedom and has to be decided by everyone else him/herself.
Furries dont yiff all day long.
In fact I guess that the average Furry (here we got him at last) has less „interactions“ of this kind than humans. I also guess that the number of Yiff-Sims, compared to the number of Furries, is much smaller than the number of Sex-Sims of all couleurs for humans.
I can only speak for myself, but art, music, off-the-track sims und an intelligent conversation fill my day far better and i guess im in good company with that. That doesnt mean that I dont...
But I need to know my counterpart for a while before.

So, what are Furries after all?
Its obvious what they are not: 24/7 Yiffbags.
And, and that had to be stated here again: They dont do it with animals in RL! Not more often than everyone else does, anyhow.

And what are they? Let me quote DD Ra:
"Being furry is a personal search... and being part of a community."

What I like in the furry community, its that it's a bunch of creative people, who are searching themself and go beyond the appearances.

I havent been part of the Furry Community so far. Perhaps I should change that. So, if you know, where i can find it... Drop me a line.

(And I still think that some choose the Bunnies just because they are so cute;))

Yours sincerely Alastair"

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