Furry Fair 2014, as all our towns, proposes some specials things
- New in SL? In our landing point, you will find a board "New in SL?". Just clic on it, and you will receive a notecard.
- The "WORD" game : This is a special game for fans of our Facebook Page. We will publish a question or clue in our different groups and pages. The answer to the question can be found IN Furry Fair. The first person to find the word and publish it in our Facebook group will win 250 L$.
Each time a word/answer is found, we'll publish a new question, or a new clue to find the word in Furry Fair. Maximum 1/day.

Questions and clues will be published on our Facebook Page :

 Your answers HAS to be published ONLY bellow the question or clue on our Facebook page (please give us also your SL Name) :
- Freebees : In Furry Fair 2013, you can find some freebies. Visits our shops, and ... surprise!

- Medals "Furry Fair 2014" : Take your souvenir of the first Furry Fair!
- Share your linden love : In Furry Fair, you can help Feed a Smile.
During Furry Fair, we will have a day (March 21) where each tip to some singers will be gived to Feed a Smile. "The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile" is a charity venue for Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l (RL organization). They raise funds to feed very needy children in Kenya

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